Author - Ivan Montiel

Christmas has arrived

During October and November we have continued with the ministry work in the communities of General Villamil Playas and our goals remain clear and precise—to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the children of these communities. We want each person that hears the message to be lead into a personal faith in Jesus and to develop a God-pleasing testimony.

We are finishing November and are praying and thinking about the needs that we have as a ministry for the Christmas activities in December. On December 8th we will have our small Christmas party for the children and later that same day a small dinner for the youth to remember the real reason and meaning of Christmas.

On December 15th we will invite families from the communities that surround Campamento Faro de Esperanza to our Christmas program “Navidad de FE” for the second year in a row. We are thankful to God that he has provided through our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we have been able to hold these activities in December. We will be together for a time of love and happiness for the families.

It’s our second year that we will be sharing with the families from the communities with Navidad de FE program and maybe for some it will be their first time to celebrate with us.

Navidad de FE was initially inspired by our friends at Camp Crossroads in Canada. They hold a Christmas program like this with the same purpose—to thank and bring together the community and its ministry. One of the things about this Christmas Dinner at the Camp Crossroads, is that the first dinner they had with their community they only had a small number of families attend so there was a lot of food and work that went into the event for the few that attended; I imagine there were doubts and questions as to whether or not to continue the following year, but in the end they decided to do it, knowing that it was the beginning of a new challenge.

So, Ministerio FE (the ministry of camp) welcomes Christmas between receiving, learning, and giving of themselves what others need, and our goal is to share with people the true meaning of Christmas, and the plan of reconciliation that God had for humanity.


Glory to God in the highest, and on the earth peace among men with whom he is well pleased. Luke 2:14


The Light of Jesus in our lives

“You are the light of the world”, Matthew 5:14-16.

Faro de Esperanza wants to be a light in the communities of Playas. In the recent months, while the FE Ministries with Children and Youth are being held in our Camp, I have been thinking about how we are lights thanks to the Lord.
I am glad to know that God has given us the ability to reflect His light, in a world where very few people know him. At some point we were also in darkness, but when the Lord came to our lives, we became a reflection of His light. How do we reflect the light of God?: through our life and testimony, that is the answer.
Some time ago I heard an illustration that I loved and it makes me meditate on the work that is being done through the FE Ministries:

“How long does the light of a candle last? Of course, until the candle goes out. But if we light another candle with it, the light will double its strength. Will the light on the first candle decrease because the second candle was lighted? No. What happens if we use the second candle to light a third candle? Will the light of the second diminish? It will not. The light of each candle will last until the candle has been consumed. But when the first candle goes out, the second candle will still be lighted, and when it is consumed, the third candle will continue to shine. ”
How many lights do we have lighted in our Children, Youth Ministries or in our communities, how many lights are still waiting to be lighted? We want to remain in the conviction of having lights shining and helping others that are about to go out to keep going. That is why we trust God for strengths to continue speaking about Jesus as the Light of the world.

Speaking lights, this month of August we as FE Ministries had the opportunity to serve and be testimonies in another community here in Ecuador. We were invited by the D.C.B. Ministry (Challenging the Battlefield Ministry), led by our brother Geovanny Arévalo, to a Camp Ministry that was held in Canoa, Manabí. It was strange at first, because it was very different from what we are used to doing in our Bible Camps Ministry. Different people, place and atmosphere of service, but in the end it has the same purpose, to be lights and witness for young campers and for a community, Canoa, who knows very little about Jesus. I thank God for this time and for the challenges that we have to face in the different ministries.

This month I had to learn and experience that service, in spite of a place, people, and conditions, is the result of the testimony of the light of Jesus in our lives.


Trust, wait and learn

I have heard many times this sentence: “this is God´s Will”. Many of us find it hard to live and experience that truth. I am sure that if we lived more often the “Will of God”, we would know which is the right direction in any situation.

This year we could not host the Family Bible Camp for our Churches and Associated Communities of Ecuador, without doubt we are very sorry we were not able to have this time with our brothers and sister, but we trust and depend on God and His will.

One Sunday morning I had to visit the Iglesia Sauces 5, to announce that the Family Bible Camp was not going to happen this year, a brother of that congregation told me: “Brother, the will of God is perfect, we do not need to go against it”. When this man told me these words, I understood that God is guiding and has control of all situations, we can only trust, wait and learn from His purposes.

Youth´s Ministry

On Saturday, July 14th, we visited our Faro de Esperanza Camp and God, once again, showed us his will and faithfulness. That day, 17 young people attended the Youth Ministry of Playas, we are happy with these guys because many of them show faithfulnes and have a desire to participate and learn from the Bible and God. They have begun their path into faith, we believe that this is what they need, we hope that as time goes by and with the help of God, they can understand and know that our faith in Jesus Christ is a principle of action that motivates our daily life.

Children’s Ministry

In the same way, on July 28th, we returned to our Faro de Esperanza Camp to carry out the Children’s Ministry, we had about 15 children and we remain grateful to God for their faithfuness and for providing resources for the Ministries FE.

It’s funny, but we love to see the children from the communities near our Camp make a fuss, run from one place to another each time our ministry staff go to look for them at their homes. Over the time they have learned to identify us from a distance, these actions make us happy and captivate us, we hope to continue producing that kind of reaction on the kids for a long time, we also hope that God can do his will through the spiritual work we do with these children, youth and the families from these communities.


All these things will be given to you as well

This June we started our Ministry of Children and Youth in General Villamil Playas, the city where our Camp facilities are located, and without doubt our God is kind, in addition He listens and knows our needs. A few months ago, for example, we prayed for people that could collaborate in the Ministries of Faro de Esperanza and, thank the Lord, that need was provided.

A week before we start our Children’s Ministry, Dennise Dillon and the team of collaborators visited the homes of the children in Playas to invite them to the inauguration event. That day two young guys from the community of Tiwinza, who had come to our Bible Camp Ministry years before, approached us and asked us to pray for the health of their parents. They also asked us to pray for God’s protection for them, because they had to spend long hours alone at home, since their mothers had to be in the hospital taking care of their husbands.

This situation left me thinking, how God has strengthened the bonds between the communities and us as a ministry over the years, personally I feel fortunate to be a witness of these children’s faith, and of course, as part of FE it is a priority to be praying for them and their families.

Another news, this July is the Family Camp that is arrange for the people of our partner churches in Ecuador, many of our brothers and sisters are excited for this coming time and, at the same time, we trust in God so that it can be done, acording to His Will.

As I said before, God knows our needs and He is greater than any situation we might face, we fully trust that He is aware of our needs and does all things according to his holy Will.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”, Matthew 6:33

We ask you to pray for the children and youth of the communities in San Vicente, Tiwinza, Bellavista, La Planta and El Arenal, in Playas.


Bible Camp…deep, spiritual and eternal effect

The Bible Camp Ministry is an opportunity to me to observe and get excited to see each child and youth walking while carrying their bible with them, memorizing bible passages, to earn points for their teams, yes, but it is surprising to know how God uses a game to turn it into an activity of deep, spiritual and eternal effect. I do not know how or when the Word of God will be used or will bear fruit in the lives of these children and youths, but one of the bible principles that I can remember is that the Word of God never returns void.

Something I have learned throughout my Christian life, is that the Word of God is a powerful weapon that can be used in any circumstance of our life. The experience of these children and youths with her will have an effect, in the short or long term, that will depend on the circumstances that each of them is going through. Keeping it in our mind and heart guarantees that we will have truths and principles to be used in relevant moments of our lives. I ask that we pray that the Word of God itself will confront the consciences of every child or youth that memorized it.

There is so much to be thankful for this 2018 Bible Camp season. We are thankful for our staff, for what God did for them and what they did for God during this time.

For many members of our staff, the Bible Camp Ministry meant challenge, gratitude, reconciliation, learning, motivation and, for some others, it meant returning back home. Some of them thought they were not capable enough and the devil made them believed that they were not useful, that stopped them from serving and using their gifts and talents. This Ministry is not there to take their gifts and talents away, but so that they can take them and put them into practice. I still can not forget the faces of the people who were going to be part of the staff for the first time: Conny, Samuel, Raquel, Emily, Gabriela, Selen, and there are many others. Their faces of concern made me identify with them, since their experience caused me the same questions.

How do I do it? What do I say?

And I am sure it was a challenge for many of them and for me, not only to serve, but to learn.

Others were able to reconcile with God. I do not know much about the reasons, the causes, or the circumstances for the distancing that some of them have had from God, I only know that God used this Ministry to resolve and restore lives.

Please, pray for the staff, for each child and youth who made the decision for Christ, and for the future financing of the 2019 Bible Camp season.


We are looking forward to the beginning of the Bible Camps 2018

By Ivan Montiel, Ministries Director

We are only a few days away from the beginning of our first week of camp, our team is eager and motivated to welcome our first campers!

We believe, as we do every year, that God will guide us and provide, in order to carry out this ministry according to His Will. At this moment we are praying, planning and organizing and  also counting on the help of our brothers and sisters from our partner churches in Canada and United States. We trust  that they will be praying, and also, for those who are coming as part of a team, that they will be inspired and motivated to come and share God’s love with children and youth.

This February 19th  our first week of camp begins for children who come from our churches and communities in Guayaquil. Maria Jose Mera and Jennifer Coronel, from the Christian Church Bastion Popular Block 6, will lead these first two weeks of camp. They are intelligent and capable girls, seeking to honor God in their lives. The most interesting thing is that their love for Jesus has led them to be involved with the children’s ministries in their church, and therefore, we have not found more capable people like them to lead the children’s weeks. We ask for prayer for their lives, their families and their time dedicated to the camp ministry this season.

We also ask for prayers for the administration, for the ministry committee overseeing the camp program, for the staff team, for the partner churches of Canada and United States that, in some way or another, are involved in this ministry, for the children that are about to come, for the youth. For each person that is directly or indirectly part of our Bible Camp Ministry.

We have seen over and over again, how your prayers and contributions, partnering with us in this ministry have had an invaluable impact on God’s eternal plan and purposes in the lives of those involved.

We thank you in advance, and may you be blessed by the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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