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Christian Center

Faro de Esperanza, with ministerial agreement No. 0144 of September 11, 2009, is an evangelical, para-ecclesiastical, non-profit Christian institution legally constituted in Ecuador under the figure of Christian Center.


Faro de Esperanza Faro de Esperanza is an evangelical Christian organization dedicated to promoting the evangelization, edification, restoration, challenge and service of children, youth and adults of its churches, ministries and partner communities in Ecuador and abroad through its ministries. cristiana evangélica dedicada a promover la evangelización, edificación, restauración, desafío y servicio de niños, jóvenes y adultos de sus iglesias, ministerios y comunidades socias en Ecuador y en el extranjero a través de sus ministerios


Faro de Esperanza aspires that every child, youth and adult of our churches, ministries and partner communities in Ecuador and abroad have the opportunity to hear the gospel, be edified, restored, challenged and served through our Ministries; and that it is empowered to do the same with others.

Nuestro corazon es el ministerio


Guide children, youth and adults to the understanding of their condition of sinners, to repentance and to the knowledge of the transforming message of Jesus Christ. Showing them the love of God, speaking and testifying of the work that Christ did on the cross, teaching about the forgiveness of sins thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and affirming that, once the person has been born again and has recognized Jesus as Savior, becomes a child of God, a disciple of Jesus Christ and is welcome to the Body of Christ


Encourage and challenge children, youth, and adults who, for whatever reason, have failed or fallen back to the love and faith in God they professed when they met the Lord Jesus Christ; showing them the forgiveness, love, mercy and grace of God, involving them in the different Ministries, Programs and Projects and helping them in their spiritual life, keeping track of their evolution together with their local church.


Promote the growth, formation, training and communion of children, youth and adults so that they come to a full knowledge of the Word of God, so that they know and love God above all things and the neighbor as himself, and for May they develop their gifts and with them help build the Body of Christ.


Empower and challenge children, youth and adults to service, love and good works, putting into practice the gifts that have been attributed to each one, being influenced in their communities by their good living, considering that each one, as a member of the Body of Christ, it has a purpose, a role and a function to fulfill in the Kingdom of God.


Encourage children, youth and adults to become involved in service, with special emphasis on their local churches, challenging them to exercise the gift or gifts attributed to them by the Holy Spirit when they were saved, encouraging them to seek specific and fundamental purpose and function that they have for the edification of the Body of Christ.