Bible Camp…deep, spiritual and eternal effect

[The Bible Camp Ministry is an opportunity to me to observe and get excited to see each child and youth walking while carrying their bible with them, memorizing bible passages, to earn points for their teams, yes, but it is surprising to know how God uses a game to turn it into an activity of deep, spiritual and eternal effect. I do not know how or when the Word of God will be used or will bear fruit in the lives of these children and youths, but one of the bible principles that I can remember is that the Word of God never returns void.

Something I have learned throughout my Christian life, is that the Word of God is a powerful weapon that can be used in any circumstance of our life. The experience of these children and youths with her will have an effect, in the short or long term, that will depend on the circumstances that each of them is going through. Keeping it in our mind and heart guarantees that we will have truths and principles to be used in relevant moments of our lives. I ask that we pray that the Word of God itself will confront the consciences of every child or youth that memorized it.

There is so much to be thankful for this 2018 Bible Camp season. We are thankful for our staff, for what God did for them and what they did for God during this time.

For many members of our staff, the Bible Camp Ministry meant challenge, gratitude, reconciliation, learning, motivation and, for some others, it meant returning back home. Some of them thought they were not capable enough and the devil made them believed that they were not useful, that stopped them from serving and using their gifts and talents. This Ministry is not there to take their gifts and talents away, but so that they can take them and put them into practice. I still can not forget the faces of the people who were going to be part of the staff for the first time: Conny, Samuel, Raquel, Emily, Gabriela, Selen, and there are many others. Their faces of concern made me identify with them, since their experience caused me the same questions.

How do I do it? What do I say?

And I am sure it was a challenge for many of them and for me, not only to serve, but to learn.

Others were able to reconcile with God. I do not know much about the reasons, the causes, or the circumstances for the distancing that some of them have had from God, I only know that God used this Ministry to resolve and restore lives.

Please, pray for the staff, for each child and youth who made the decision for Christ, and for the future financing of the 2019 Bible Camp season.

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