Bible Camp Ministry 2021

God’s will, we are having a Bible Camp season this year. One that is going to be a bit different from other seasons. That is: campers are going to be less days at camp (three full days and two nights), they are coming by sectors (for example: campers from Playas will be splitted in two groups, one will come from Monday to Wednesday and the second one from Thursday to Saturday, and so on) and in a maximum of 40 campers per time. With less campers per time, we will be needing less staff. So, we will have less campers, less days, with less staff at camp at the same time, yet attending all the groups we usually serve through our Bible Camp Ministry.

Notice that we have prayed and will continue praying for God’s direction in the middle of this pandemic. If the moment comes and by guvernamental measures we are forced to cancel our Bible Camp season, we will do that, so far we continue to do what we think the Lord has asked us to do since this sanitary emergency started: Keep bringing hope, in all ways possible!

Here are the dates for this coming Bible Camp season.

Another big difference will be the lack of a team from abroad, we will be missing you guys this year, yet we are counting on your prayers for us!

Please, pray for us!

We are getting ready, writing down all biosecurity measures we are supposed to implement for the campers to have fun, learn about God and be safe. But we know it is going to be a different and challenging season, for that we ask you to pray for us.

  • Pray for the Directors of the weeks: Denisse Dillón and Jennifer Coronel.
  • Pray for the staff: counselors, junior counselors, cleaning and kitchen crew, nurse, preachers and administrative collaborators.
  • Pray for the kids and junior youths that will come this coming season. For their safety and heart during this time where they will learn about God’s love.
  • Pray for the safety of all of us down here.
  • And lastly, please pray for the resources to be able to cover all the expenses we are having for this coming season.

Thank you all!

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