The Faro de Esperanza Camp offers brothers and sisters who visit us a rich variety of national and typical food from the fishing area to delight any palate.

The price of food per person consists of the sum of breakfasts, lunches and snacks that the group serves during their stay.

Our menu is quite varied, including fish and seafood dishes, such as meats and chickens complemented by legumes and rich salads. It is our desire to accommodate groups and their specific preferences with the menu and their meal plan. The portions will not leave you disappointed.

A full day of meals is $ 11 per person. Children under 5 years old eat free, but there is no distinction in the price of food for a child over 5 years old and an adult.

Costo $3


Tortilla o empanadas o pan con huevo


Leche (con chocolate o café) o batido o jugo

Costo $4


Sopa o caldo

Plato fuerte

Jugo natural

Costo $4


Plato fuerte

Jugo natural o cola o té

El precio final de la estadía es el precio del alojamiento + alimentación + IVA.


Ing. Johanna Zambrano
Teléfono: (+593) 04 – 2827225

Teléfono: (+593) 04 – 2950009
Celular: (+593) 0992180736
Playas – Ecuador