The kindness of strangers

It´s been already three weeks of the camp season for this year. We, as every year, see the faithfulness of our God everytime we are able to run a week of camp, because it is expensive to run one. We also see the faithfulness of our God when we hear a little kid saying: “I want to be a counselor one day, or I also want to help others”. We see the faithfulness of our God when we know there is a lady from another country, from far, far away that took the time to go and look for flip flops for the lady cooks of camp, when we hear that two young guys run an event to raise money for more kids to be able to go to camp, even when they have never been here, we see the faithfulness of our God in the kindness of strangers.

How many people are involved at camp? We tend to count the staff, plus the kids, plus the lady cooks and any other person at camp and we tend to say there are 100 or 130. But seriously, how many people get involved in this ministry, how many people are quietly working, sending funds, constantly praying, coming down for a long trip, craving to be able to come, buying flip flops, drawing on shirts, sewing purses?
Julie and Eddie´s story is just one among many, for the past three years they have organized a ping pong event at Terrill Road Bible Chapel. Although they have never been to camp, because their schedules have never allowed them to come to Ecuador, they have heard all about it from the teams and relatives who have come down. So they get passionate about hearing and seeing the work of this ministry, that they decided to organize an event to raise money for more kids to be able to go to camp.
God is good, He is. We see Him in this ministry, we feel Him. He is the one making arrangements. Such as when Erin Hayes, the speaker for the kids week of camp, made the plan for her clases to be more focusing on teaching the kids the Bible and for them to be able to look among passages. Then suddenly there was a group that brought 100 Bibles to give to the kids, making the plan much easier; or like when we don´t feel prepared to teach to little kids, but suddenly He is the one talking, making connections, leading us. God is good.
It´s been three weeks already, this coming monday is the start of the fourth week and the fifth will come right after that. We thank God for the kindness and heart of the strangers, for those who quietly support this ministry, for those who are involved and come every year to be part of us, for those who have heard about this ministry for years and finally have been able to come and see. Please don´t forget us and pray for us.
“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” 1 John 4:12