Ecuador Covid-19 Relief Project

¡Thank you all for donating!

The Ecuador Covid-19 Relief Project consisted of delivering 300 baskets with basic food items to families in situations of social risk, in the cities of Playas, Guayaquil, and Durán. In the months of April, May, June, and July 2020, during the quarantine due to the pandemic, six food deliveries were made, benefiting around 86 families, about 441 people, in each delivery. This Project was managed from Faro de Esperanza in Ecuador and was financed with the voluntary contributions of brothers, sisters, and friends from Ecuador, Canada, and the United States.

We reached the goal

Raised $9602,81
Money 100%
300 baskets of food delivered
Baskets 100%

The Project in numbers:

baskets of food delivered
People were reached
Cities were favored: Playas, Guayaquil and Durán
Families were benefited
Countries supported: Canada, the USA and Ecuador

Food basket content:


Our country is going through unique moment in its history. The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated entire families, taking away loved ones; the quarantine, in addition, has prevented families from going out to work, to seek their daily livelihood, thus deepening social injustice in already vulnerable sectors, such as those with whom we have been working for the last 20 years.

Faith without works is dead, says James 2:17. Hence, as Faro de Esperanza Ministry, we call on christians, especially, and anyone who wishes to join this cause to make a free and voluntary contribution to bring food to families from the sectors of:

    • Tiwinza, La Planta, San Vicente, Bellavista, El Arenal and other communities in General Villamil Playas;
    • Durán;
    • Bastión, and
    • Sauces, in Guayaquil, Guayas;

The baskets* will contain basic food items with an approximate value of 30.00 USD each; these will be delivered twice a month to each family, for the following months.

The families that will be benefit from the food baskets come from the sectors already mentioned and, in addition, they are connected to some of our ministries, these are: Children of FE, Youth of FE and Bible Camps.The delivery process will prioritize helping families who need it most in these communities without necessarily being connected to our ministries.

As Faro de Esperanza we seek to reach out to those most in need, strengthen our bonds of friendship and thus show the love of God and the Good News, which is sorely needed in the midst of these uncertain times. Above all, we want to serve for Jesus´ sake, 2 Corinthians 4: 5.

Once the project is finished, Faro de Esperanza will deliver a detailed report of all the income we receive for this project, as well as the management of the delivery of the food baskets.

You are not alone, we are with you

“The ones from Faro”, 12-year-old Miguel Ángel shouted excitedly, every time we arrived at his door, at his two sisters and his little brother who were inside the house, located in San Vicente, Playas. Four children living almost alone, their mother works all day. I want to believe that the baskets that were delivered not only carried food, but also love, affection, hope, prayers. I want to believe that Miguel Ángel and his brother and sisters felt that they were not alone in the midst of these strange circumstances.

This Project could not have been done without the help of Denisse Dillón, Ivan Montiel, Alexis and Sara León, and David Dillón.