Ecuador Covid-19
Relief Project, 2021

help us serve those most in need!

«if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.» Isaiah 58:10

In 2020, through this project we attended to more than 400 people with 300 baskets of basic food items. This year in 2021 we intend to reach out to 75 families (from the cities of Playas, Guayaquil and Durán) in need, benefiting more than 500 people: kids, youths and adults that attended this year’s Bible Camp Season or were recipients last year from this same project.

Fundraising goal 2021

$12.000 USD out of $12.000 USD raised
money 100%
300 out of 300 baskets of food delivered
Baskets 100%

About the project

We are all suffering one way or another from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there are families that find this time harder than others. Especially the ones that live out of what they make daily. Every day they face life not knowing whether they will get the income they need to bring food to their houses.

We have many stories like the one in my last update where I talked about Liz, a little girl at our Bible Camp Ministry that was crying just because she had lots of good food to eat. Like her there are many other families in our context, the ones we work with, that are facing the same issue: will I have something to eat tomorrow?

Because of new Covid 19 restrictions that came into effect in the last two months we were forced to suspend our Bible Camp Season. But the more serious impact of the restrictions is that it has limited these families from going out to work on weekends in Playas; a city that depends on weekend turism. The vaccination of the population is going to take longer that any of us expected, so we want to help these families with a basket of food.

In this year’s project (part of our Proyectos Sociales) we hope to make one delivery a month for four months to 75 families, benefiting around 500 people: kids, youths and adults. Some of these families are related to the children that attended our 2021 Bible Camp Season and will, for the first time, get served through this project and some of them are families that benefited last year from this same initiative.

This year we will be delivering once a month instead of twice a month like last year. The baskets will contain more basic food items with an approximate value of 40.00 USD each. The total fundraising goal is $12.000 USD (this value includes mobilization and logistics). In Guayaquil and Durán the delivery process will be the same as last year as we are taking the food basket to the families’ home. But in Playas this time we will be inviting the families to get their food basket at our camp facilities.

Food basket content:

As Faro de Esperanza we want to serve for Jesus´ sake especially to those most in need and we want to ask you to join us in this project. Any donation amount will help to reach our goal. Also, please keep us in your prayers

Once the project is finished, you will find here a detailed report of all the income we receive for this project, as well as the management of the delivery of the food baskets.

If you want more information or want to get involved, please write to us at