Serving for Jesus' sake!


Learn about our journey from a Bible Camp Ministry until we became an evangelical, para-ecclesiastical and non-profit Christian organization established in Ecuador under the figure of Centro Cristiano.

In the year 2000, the missionary couple Tim and Liliana Horne, after serving in the community of Bastión Popular Block 6, in Guayaquil, and establishing the Christian Church Bastión and the Esperanza de Bastion Popular School, took the group of people from the youth ministry from the church to General Villamil Playas where they organized the first week of camp, which is the beginning of our ministry. This first week of camp was held in a rented space and was organized in conjunction with David Edgecombe and Julio César Toquitón, the intention was to get the young people out of their environment to spend time focused on the Word of God and his will for their lives.

Later, and together with people like Jeremy Horne, Glenn Clark, David Edgecombe, among others, the missionary couple prayed that God would provide their own physical space to carry out the activities of the Bible Camp Ministry. In the year 2006 the land was bought and the Faro de Esperanza Camp was built, to open its doors in 2007. The construction of the Camp hapenned thanks to the collaboration and economic support of brothers from Canada and the United States, in addition to the work of brothers from Ecuador; this work was led by Dale Horst along with his family. In this initial period, the contribution of Janna (Fox) Wilks in the administration, Ray Marshall and Kelly Marshall in the care of the facilities and relationship with the El Arenal community, adjacent to the Camp, should also be recognized.

Over time the ministries increased, due to that, on September 11, 2009, Faro de Esperanza was legally established under the figure of a Christian Center: an evangelical, para-ecclesiastical and non-profit institution.

Currently, Faro de Esperanza promotes the evangelization, edification, restoration, challenge and service of children, youth and adults of its churches, ministries and partner communities in Ecuador and abroad through its Ministries. Likewise, it manages the rental of the Camp to different churches and ministries in Ecuador. All resources obtained from rentals are fully invested in the Ministries.

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