The Light of Jesus in our lives

“You are the light of the world”, Matthew 5:14-16.

Faro de Esperanza wants to be a light in the communities of Playas. In the recent months, while the FE Ministries with Children and Youth are being held in our Camp, I have been thinking about how we are lights thanks to the Lord.
I am glad to know that God has given us the ability to reflect His light, in a world where very few people know him. At some point we were also in darkness, but when the Lord came to our lives, we became a reflection of His light. How do we reflect the light of God?: through our life and testimony, that is the answer.
Some time ago I heard an illustration that I loved and it makes me meditate on the work that is being done through the FE Ministries:

“How long does the light of a candle last? Of course, until the candle goes out. But if we light another candle with it, the light will double its strength. Will the light on the first candle decrease because the second candle was lighted? No. What happens if we use the second candle to light a third candle? Will the light of the second diminish? It will not. The light of each candle will last until the candle has been consumed. But when the first candle goes out, the second candle will still be lighted, and when it is consumed, the third candle will continue to shine. “
How many lights do we have lighted in our Children, Youth Ministries or in our communities, how many lights are still waiting to be lighted? We want to remain in the conviction of having lights shining and helping others that are about to go out to keep going. That is why we trust God for strengths to continue speaking about Jesus as the Light of the world.

Speaking lights, this month of August we as FE Ministries had the opportunity to serve and be testimonies in another community here in Ecuador. We were invited by the D.C.B. Ministry (Challenging the Battlefield Ministry), led by our brother Geovanny Arévalo, to a Camp Ministry that was held in Canoa, Manabí. It was strange at first, because it was very different from what we are used to doing in our Bible Camps Ministry. Different people, place and atmosphere of service, but in the end it has the same purpose, to be lights and witness for young campers and for a community, Canoa, who knows very little about Jesus. I thank God for this time and for the challenges that we have to face in the different ministries.

This month I had to learn and experience that service, in spite of a place, people, and conditions, is the result of the testimony of the light of Jesus in our lives.

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