Trust, wait and learn

I have heard many times this sentence: “this is God´s Will”. Many of us find it hard to live and experience that truth. I am sure that if we lived more often the “Will of God”, we would know which is the right direction in any situation.

This year we could not host the Family Bible Camp for our Churches and Associated Communities of Ecuador, without doubt we are very sorry we were not able to have this time with our brothers and sister, but we trust and depend on God and His will.

One Sunday morning I had to visit the Iglesia Sauces 5, to announce that the Family Bible Camp was not going to happen this year, a brother of that congregation told me: “Brother, the will of God is perfect, we do not need to go against it”. When this man told me these words, I understood that God is guiding and has control of all situations, we can only trust, wait and learn from His purposes.

Youth´s Ministry

On Saturday, July 14th, we visited our Faro de Esperanza Camp and God, once again, showed us his will and faithfulness. That day, 17 young people attended the Youth Ministry of Playas, we are happy with these guys because many of them show faithfulnes and have a desire to participate and learn from the Bible and God. They have begun their path into faith, we believe that this is what they need, we hope that as time goes by and with the help of God, they can understand and know that our faith in Jesus Christ is a principle of action that motivates our daily life.

Children’s Ministry

In the same way, on July 28th, we returned to our Faro de Esperanza Camp to carry out the Children’s Ministry, we had about 15 children and we remain grateful to God for their faithfuness and for providing resources for the Ministries FE.

It’s funny, but we love to see the children from the communities near our Camp make a fuss, run from one place to another each time our ministry staff go to look for them at their homes. Over the time they have learned to identify us from a distance, these actions make us happy and captivate us, we hope to continue producing that kind of reaction on the kids for a long time, we also hope that God can do his will through the spiritual work we do with these children, youth and the families from these communities.[:]

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