Update on the Ecuador Covid-19 Relief Project

“Thanks to God and everyone who is part of Faro de Esperanza for reaching out with their blessings to our homes”, says Amparo Valencia, from El Arenal, the neighborhood around our Camp facilities here in the city of Playas, after receiving the bag of food. This little gesture meant hope, made her feel she was not alone in these uncertain times. 

In San Vicente, another sector here in Playas, as I approached one home, 5 kids ran toward me to hug me. I stopped, stood still, and held my arms up trying not to touch them, so scared they might get infected, but wanting to hug them so badly. That particular bag of food meant that they might get something to eat that night. 

“Thanks for not forgetting about us”, said another woman in La Planta. For her, this small gift meant that someone was thinking and caring for her, and the expression on her face showed that relief and deep gratitude.

These families, the ones we are supporting, are so vulnerable. Many of them earn their family  income by selling products in the streets, like water bags or homemade tortillas (for example) and with the country lockdown, they have not been able to work; many of them  have lost their jobs. This is the reality for so many, in addition to already living in  the fear of  Covid-19, suffering the loss of  family members and experiencing the lack of care and empathy from local and national authorities. In the end, this bag of food means HOPE, LOVE, and CONSOLATION.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, said Jesus according to John 13:35, if you love one another. Thank you for joining us in this way. Thanks for loving and caring about people so dear to us, some of them you may have met; they are so grateful.

To date, $5,129.80 USD has been fundraised for this relief effort. We have delivered 93 baskets of food in places like Sauces, Bastión, La Planta, Tiwinza, San Vicente, El Arenal, in the cities of Guayaquil, Durán and Playas.

And we want to continue helping. We’d like to invite you to help us reach our goal of $9.000, which would complete 300 baskets of food (delivered twice a month to 75 families). It will only take $3,870.20 USD to make up this difference. 

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