We are looking forward to the beginning of the Bible Camps 2018

By Ivan Montiel, Ministries Director

We are only a few days away from the beginning of our first week of camp, our team is eager and motivated to welcome our first campers!

We believe, as we do every year, that God will guide us and provide, in order to carry out this ministry according to His Will. At this moment we are praying, planning and organizing and also counting on the help of our brothers and sisters from our partner churches in Canada and United States. We trust that they will be praying, and also, for those who are coming as part of a team, that they will be inspired and motivated to come and share God’s love with children and youth.

This February 19th our first week of camp begins for children who come from our churches and communities in Guayaquil. Maria Jose Mera and Jennifer Coronel, from the Christian Church Bastion Popular Block 6, will lead these first two weeks of camp. They are intelligent and capable girls, seeking to honor God in their lives. The most interesting thing is that their love for Jesus has led them to be involved with the children’s ministries in their church, and therefore, we have not found more capable people like them to lead the children’s weeks. We ask for prayer for their lives, their families and their time dedicated to the camp ministry this season.

We also ask for prayers for the administration, for the ministry committee overseeing the camp program, for the staff team, for the partner churches of Canada and United States that, in some way or another, are involved in this ministry, for the children that are about to come, for the youth. For each person that is directly or indirectly part of our Bible Camp Ministry.

We have seen over and over again, how your prayers and contributions, partnering with us in this ministry have had an invaluable impact on God’s eternal plan and purposes in the lives of those involved.

We thank you in advance, and may you be blessed by the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Season 2018

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Dates February 19 – 24 February 26 – 3 March 12 – 17 March 19 -24 April 6, 7 y 8 July 27, 28, 29
Groups Chlidren Guayaquil Children Playas Junior youth Guayaquil Junior youth Playas Senior youth Family camp
Bastión Popular bloque 10, bloque 6 and Sauces Las Jaguitas, Communities from Playas Bastión Popular bloque 10, bloque 6 and Sauces Onzole, Las Jaguitas, communities from Playas Líderes de FE members Bastión Popular bloque 10, bloque 6, Sauces + Playas
Fall River Chapel Woodside Bible Fellowship

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